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& #British Journal of Educational Technology Emerging Technologies and Transforming Pedagogies:
Part 2 Edited by Jill Jameson, Dick Ng’& rsquo; ambi, Vivienne Bozalek and Tony Carr Volume 47, Issue 5, (September 2016)

Emerging Technologies and Changing Pedagogies: Part 1
Edited by Dick Ng’& rsquo; ambi, Jill Jameson, Vivienne Bozalek and Tony Carr Volume 47, Problem 3, (May 2016)

Open Data in Knowing Innovation
Edited by Nick Rushby
Volume 46, Problem 5, (September 2015)

Huge Open Online Courses (MOOCs): interrupting teaching and discovering practices in greater education
Edited by Penis Ng’& rsquo; ambi and Vivienne Bozalek
Volume 46, Concern 3, (May 2015)

Teacher-led Query and Learning Style
Modified by Yishay Mor, Rebecca Ferguson and Barbara Wasson
Volume 46, Issue 2, (March 2015)

Technology Improved Learning in the Work environment. Visitor Editor: Sue Greener and Heather Short
Edited by Sue Greener and Heather Short
Volume 45, Concern 6, (November 2014)

e-Learning and Management
Modified by Jill Jameson and Sara de Freitas
Volume 44, Concern 6, (November 2013)

Emerging Technologies and Transformation Effect on Pedagogy
Modified by Dick Ng’& rsquo; ambi and Viv Bozalek
Volume 44, Problem 4, (July 2013)

Social Networking and Mobile Learning
Modified by Norbert Pachler, Maria Ranieri, Stefania Manca and John Cook
Volume 43, Concern 5, (September 2012)

Learning objects in development
Modified by Michael Klebl and Bernd J. Kr mer
Volume 41, Problem 6, (November 2010)

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