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The Last Guardian raises interest with cinematic trailer – Tech News

Nine years in the making, atmospheric adventure The Last Guardian is inching its way towards a December release; at the exact same time, a comparable job from among its ex-staffers is unfurling its wings as Mare.

As the closing chapter in a loose trilogy that began in 2001, The Last Guardian has actually already avoided a console (the PlayStation 3) and went through a studio reshuffle.

Ico debuted on PlayStation 2 and quickly ended up being a crucial and cult success, its story leading players through a castle escape experience, disfigured kid Ico and locked up lady Yorda browsing the ruins and evading ethereal monsters together.

4 years later and Shadow of the Colossus gotten here. As a prequel, and disallowing visual resemblances, its overlap was minimal but distinct.

The dilapidated fortress of Ico was switched for a land inhabited by sixteen giant monsters. Lead character Wander is watched not by a female buddy (she’s stricken, he searching for a remedy). Rather, loyal horse Agro is the hero’s moving shadow.

And 2016’s The Last Guardian appears to synthesise several aspects of its predecessors.

< iframe height ="315"src=""frameborder=" 0"width= "560"> A tattooed kid fulfills a giant creature, a hybrid of feline and bird.

Both are prisoner inside a spacious fort and, releasing themselves from their chains, have to work together in order to find a way out past patrolling and pursuing guards.

That much is demonstrated by the PlayStation 4 video game’s cinematic trailer, released November 21, the same day that another job from an ex-Team Ico artist was revealed.

For Rui Guerreiro, Mare expands on ideas expanded in a previous version of the same concept.

Side job Vane had actually taken form throughout his time on The Last Guardian and thanks to resemblances in colour tone and theme, won comparisons to the bigger task when a September 2014 teaser emerged in TLG‘s lack.

Work on Vane is still underway at Tokyo-based Buddy & & Foe, but Guerreiro has now appeared somewhere else as part of three-person VisionTrick Media in Sweden.

With VisionTrick’s beautiful puzzle experience Pavillion just recently launched on PC (PlayStation 4 and Vita versions are in the pipeline), attention relies on Mare.

It’s got the washed-out visuals and the friendship between a child (in this case a girl) and flying animal (a mechanical bird) of The Last Guardian and a collapsing stronghold to navigate.

Maybe the most substantial difference is the choice of platform, as Mare is being developed in partnership with Oculus VR and, as a result, will be visiting its PC-powered virtual truth headset, Oculus Rift, in due course. —– AFP Relaxnews

Young boy meets fantastical animal: The Last Guardian appears to synthesise numerous elements of its predecessors. —– Sony Interactive Entertainment/YouTube LLC


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