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Sweetgreen Will No Longer Accept Money And Other Small company Tech News Today

(This post originally appeared on version for frequent travelers, too.(Source: TechCrunch)Why this is necessary for your organisation: If you’re a regular tourist, Pana appears like a formidable rival to services like TripIt or Google Trips.5– This chatbot will send gifts to your customers– in bulk!If your business is utilizing Slack, the popular messaging app, then there’s a cool bot that may improve your customer relationships. Called “Eva bot, “you can send individual gifts or just publish a file of names and e-mails and indicate the kind of gift(i.e.$30 or$50); include a generic message; and goodies like chocolates, wine or coffeeare automatically sent. Eva bot is also not the only present bot

out there: “Dozens of retailers and companies as varied as BuzzFeed and Time Inc. have actually developed gift bots this holiday to helpcustomers find the ideal gift while luring them inside their sales funnel.

“( Source: VentureBeat)Why this is very important for your company: 2 factors. For starters, if your business is a Slack user, you’ve got a terrific method to automatically send out presents to your favorite customers. This bot demonstrates the power of synthetic intelligence innovation and likewise shows how we’re simply scratching the surface area of possible applications that these bots will be able to offer to your business in the years to come.

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